august 27, 2011

time to put up some new kids pics.  they are growing up so fast.  last week jackson took his first independent steps.  no pics yet but hopefully soon.  reuben went to his first day of school – or pre-k as he calls it.  it was a no tears day for all involved:

just a week earlier both reuben and elleigh got their first real bikes.  reuben was told that his  “didn’t come with training wheels” so he is now riding on just two wheels and loving it:

elleigh loves her all-girl bike because there are bows and a basket, perfect for carrying around lambie and her blanket (which she calls her ahhhhh):

on saturday the air force academy had a kids day on the football field.  the whole family had a terrific time.  can you see why?

i have been knitting like crazy but nothing i can post here.  i alternate between christmas gifts and socks for the sock club at work.  i am actually making a good bit of progress.  two projects are finished and two more are almost there.  unfortunately the line-up behind them never seems to get smaller.  i find that as mom needs more and more of my attention i get quite a bit of knitting accomplished sitting with her in her apartment downstairs.  she likes to watch the game show channel with the sound turned way up but it doesn’t bother me too much if i can sit and relax and knit.


august 17, 2011

we had a great party last night! it was a perfect summer night, not too hot and with a gentle breeze. there were 25 people from the ages of 16 months to 65+ years.we sat around and talked

and ate delicious hamburgers with beans and macaroni salad and chips and fruit.

the kids played indoors and out but mostly out, running and climbing trees and being little divas.  this group is a “girls only” group in that three of the couples have two girls each, one has a single girl.  the only boy is older by quite a bit and starting high school this year.  the little expected one is still a mystery.  i love the way they all get along and love being together.

you can see we put the deck to good use, front and back.  terry put down a plywood walkway connecting the new with the old so we had less traffic in and out of the house.  i really like the flow of walking up and being able to go directly to the back .  it just feels like a new, rather big addition of space.

one of my favorite things about having parties is that here they are more like gatherings.  the entertainment is simply being with people you love, sitting and visiting and sharing stories, watching kids play and interact, and having everyone pitch in to do the work.  some brought food to share, others helped with the grilling, someone else made the coffee and megan (11) helped with the cake and ice cream.  we really are one big lovely family.

around 8:00 people began leaving to get kids home to bed and some ready for their first day of school tomorrow.  others stayed to talk outside in the early dark, enjoying the pleasant night air.  i think we had everything cleaned up and put away by about 9:30.  then i sat down to knit and relax and rest.  i worked a bit on a scarf that has been my “mindless but interesting” project for the past few weeks.  the pattern is called “oh, canada” by anne hansen.  the yarn is some i have had hanging around for quite some time.  it is a cashmere blend called boise.  yummy!

i decided to do it in one long continuous piece rather that two with a graft in the center.  it is a directional pattern but i wanted to use every last yard and this was the easiest way to do that.  it will make a soft, cuddly, warm scarf for someone this winter.

august 16, 2011

there is a fire helicopter outside, close, circling our area right now.  i wonder if it is sucking up water from the lake?  i don’t see a bucket hanging down.  this is the time of year that we watch and pay attention – fires can be so devastating.  a little distraction as i sit down to blog this morning.

terry turns 65 today.  how did we get to be that old?  i guess that is what everyone thinks at this stage of the game.  our bodies are aging but our minds just can’t seem to grasp that we have lived so long and are on the other end of our life span.

truthfully, i do not want to live to be “old.”  there comes a point where quality of life just doesn’t seem to be worth it.  on the other hand, God is control and He who made me numbered my days before i was born.  therefore, i need to remember to make every day count and pray that habits i continue to develop now will stay with me as i age. of course, if that is true, they had better be good habits!

it hurts my heart that terry’s mom, at 90, no longer has any interest in reading her bible.  she won’t say that it is because she can’t see the words or because she can’t focus on the thoughts.  she just doesn’t even pick it up.  she has always been so faithful to study and eager to grow in God’s word that i have to trust there is something there that she just won’t put into words.  at least i can be confident that God knows her heart. it is so hard for her to just sit and be every day.  she is in some pain from her arthritis and can’t move around much.  her pain meds make her sleepy most of the time. why is she still here?  what plan does God have for at this time?

on a more upbeat note, it is going to be a lovely day today, with temperatures in the low 90’s, after a cool night.  we are having a very impromptu and casual gathering of friends and families tonight to celebrate terry’s birthday.  thirty or so of all ages, eating burgers and sitting around outside talking and playing.  i love that the kids come and just get lost on the property, running and screaming and hunting for treasures.  it was terry’s choice to do this rather than dinner out with a few friends and i am glad to do my part.  the macaroni salad is made, veggies are cut up, drinks are in the cooler ready for ice to be added.  the deck isn’t done but there is no reason to wait for that to happen before we party.

the only ingredient missing is family.  and so i knit.  socks for the next sock club offering, sweaters for christmas presents, and projects for upcoming classes.  it keeps my hands and my mind busy when i need to rest or in the evening while sports of some sort are on tv.  i am thankful for this pleasure and the way it fills a need in me to be practical and busy.

august 10, 2011

our grandbabies are growing up so quickly.  just a few weeks ago they were all together in georgia, just enjoying one another’s company.  they went swimming and shopping and to a baseball game. i think their favorite part there was the cow.

they also went to see the movie cars 2.  it was the first movie theater experience for them. reuben did well (he is 4 1/2).  william (4) and elleigh (3 1/2) were a little young.  but i think they had fun just being together.  and the grown-ups loved it! i sent them each a cars tee shirt to wear.

jackson, at 15 months, had to stay home.

here they are earlier this summer, getting ready for the heat.  i do so wish i lived closed!

i spent some time downstairs with terry’s mom this morning.  as her body is winding down she hates feeling so tired and achy.  today is especially bad.  i just wish there was something we could do for her.  she has her pain meds and they help but they do just make her even more tired.  as she approaches the end of her time here with us i  wish it could be easier.  she loves the Lord and is looking forward to being with Him in heavenly places.  at the same time, i think it must be a bit frightening to  think about leaving the familiar for the unknown.  even so, come, Lord Jesus, and comfort this saint.

august 8, 2011

today is catch up day in many different ways.  i am catching up on the laundry, cleaning up the freezer and the refrigerator to catch up on what i might need at the grocery store, and trying to stay caught up with terry as he works outside on the deck.

here i need to do a little catching up/looking in on my two goals that i set for myself early in the year.  the first was to read through the Bible by the end of the year, hopefully on a daily basis, journaling as i went.  i have been successful about half of the time.  i am up to somewhere in may (my daily Bible has a specific reading for each day of the year), reading through the book of Job right now.  the current theme for me is the consistency of God, His faithfulness to His people and His promises.  i am always amazed that no matter what, when we place our confidence in God – as we should – He always comes through.  He is always there, just not always in the way or ways we think it should be.  i am inconsistent but my God never fails.  He is there when i am not just as He is when i deliberately seek Him.

My second goal was to continue to lose weight with weight watchers.  i have been faithful to go to the meetings but the weight is still a big issue.  medicine taken for nerve pain related to my back ended up being a real bummer – after my body adjusted to it i began to gain about 2 pounds a week, no matter how much i managed my eating.  when it finally became clear that the pills were the problem i had gained almost all of my initial loss back.  now it is once again a struggle but with some small success along the way.  i feel like i will at least have a total net loss at the end of my first year on  this program which i began september 1, 2010.

i continue to knit on projects that i can’t talk about.  they are either christmas gifts or for sock club at the store, which is always a surprise.  so today i thought i would share some pictures of our recent day trip to yosemite.  it was already august but the falls and the river were just amazingly full.  we went up to glacier point first and then down to the Ahwahnee for lunch.  it was a wonderful day and a reminder that we are truly blessed to have such beauty right in our own back yard.

august 6, 2011

some progress has been made on the deck since i last posted pictures.  for a good long time we only had plywood to walk on to get to the front door.

then, gradually, the area was filled in with timbertech, a synthetic made of some kind of rubber base.

of course, since we first began the process back in october, the trim color we picked out was discontinued and so we had to go with a lesser contrast, but overall, i like the result.

todd, chris, and bradi have joined in at various times to help and we are both extremely grateful.  it is easier with a second set of hands and lot more fun as well.

today it pretty much looks like this.  as terry says, it is slow going when he has to do much of it alone but progress is progress and each board means a step closer to completion.

a bit more was put down yesterday but i didn’t take pictures.  just one or two more boards and we will be at the edge which, as you can see, will be a bit of a challenge because of the curved shape.  it is designed to curve around the rock retaining wall that outlined the little bit of lawn that was once this space.

i have have been involved in quite a bit of knitting.  these socks are the ones currently being made in sock club.

the club  has proven to be quite popular and a lot of fun for all.  for sock #7 i chose string theory bfl yarn and a pattern called antonimi.  i love the cuff detail and the unusual beginning with the garter stitch toe.  the heel directions say to knit another toe – fun!  i wasn’t so sure how the group would react to the color idea, each sock being a total opposite of the other.  most were okay with it.  there were different color options, some more radical that others, so i think everyone felt good about their results.  i saw a few of the finished items last week and hope to see more soon.

i have the yarn and pattern ready to go for sock #8 and one sample knit up.  i am working on writing my own pattern for #9 because i can’t find exactly what i want written the way i want it.  other projects on the needles are a sweater for esther, blanket for a special little girl yet to be born, and various scarves and socks for mindless knitting.  waiting in the wings are kenna’s christmas sweater and something special for elleigh.  there is always more to be knit around here.

august 3, 2011

i thought i might try to get back to journaling here once again.  it is a good way to do some record keeping for me – a place to post pictures and track my daily/weekly activities.  it helps to remember what and when and where.

to that end i will start with posting some pictures from our recent trip over sonora pass on the way home from reno.

it was so clear it seemed like you could see forever…

the weather was perfect – warm down below and in the mid-70’s up at the top with a lovely breeze.

the sky was clear and deep blue.  after all of our winter and spring snow there was still quite a bit at the top, just above 9,000 feet.   we found some unexpected waterfalls.

the rivers and creeks were running as if it were spring and not august.

the wildflowers were still in full bloom, especially the wild iris.  the flowers themselves are so delicate and the colors so soft…

all together just a great day to be out and about in God’s beauty.

oh, the quiet of the high sierra when no one else is around!

i did knit on the way home, just not on this last part of the trip.  the beauty of the surroundings just demanded that i pay attention to nature.  we opened the windows and turned off the radio and just let the peace surround us.  anyway, back to knitting, i worked on  my christmas present for esther, a cassis vest.  i am using madelinetosh vintage in a color that is to be a surprise for her so i won’t divulge it here.  it is going well and i am loving working with the yarn.  i also had a baby blanket for mindless knitting and a pair of simple socks in my work bag just to add variety in case i needed it.  i didn’t touch either one.